Simulating electricity markets
energeia simula is a windows-based simulation tool that computes equilibrium outcomes in electricity wholesale markets

Using a sound oligopoly model
The simulations performed by energeia simula are based on an oligopoly model that reflects most important features of electricity markets. This model has been published in a leading journal in economics:

De Frutos, M.A. and Fabra, N. (2012) “How to Allocate Forward Contracts: the case of electricity marketsEuropean Economic Review 56(3), 451-469.

Building counterfactuals to analyze effects
energeia simula is capable of predicting (static) equilibrium bidding behavior among generators under various scenarios

It allows to assessing the effects of (among others):

  •   Changes in market structure: mergers, divestitures, etc.
  •   Changes in market rules: contract obligations, emission rights, etc.

Descriptive slides [spanish] [english] 

A sample of analyses performed with energeia:

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