Simulating electricity markets
energeia simula is a windows-based simulation tool that computes equilibrium outcomes in electricity wholesale markets

Using a sound oligopoly model
The simulations performed by energeia simula are based on an oligopoly model that reflects most important features of electricity markets. This model has been published in a leading journal in economics:

De Frutos, M.A. and Fabra, N. (2012) “How to Allocate Forward Contracts: the case of electricity marketsEuropean Economic Review 56(3), 451-469.

Fabra, N., Lacuesta, A. and Souza, M. (2020) “Degrowth versus Decoupling: Competing strategies for carbon abatement?

Building counterfactuals to analyze effects
energeia simula is capable of predicting (static) equilibrium bidding behavior among generators under various scenarios

It allows to assessing the effects of (among others):

  •   Changes in market structure: mergers, divestitures, etc.
  •   Changes in market rules: contract obligations, emission rights, etc.

Descriptive slides [spanish] [english] 

A sample of analyses performed with energeia:

For more information, please contact natalia.fabra@uc3m.es

Natalia Fabra acknowledges finantial support by the grant PDC2021-141269-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 and by the European Union “NextGenerationEU/PRTR”